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This section describes the filtering options for the shortwave schedule page. Most filters can be applied simultaneously. Unless your looking for a very specific signal, because of the nature of radio propagation, it generally recommended to leave most options set to "All".


Options include the EiBi, AOKI, or HFCC database. EiBi database is the recommended database.


This option limits results to a station’s affiliated country. It should be noted that many stations will broadcast from transmitters located in other countries as well as multiple transmitter sites.


This option will limit results to a specific broadcast language, dialect, or signal type.


This option will return results for a specific frequency band. Options include All, Long Wave, Medium Wave, Standard Shortwave (2300 kHz - 29999 kHz), 120, 90, 75, 60, 49, 41, 31, 25, 22, 19, 16, 15, 13, and 11 meters. Please note that there are many shortwave broadcasts outside the common frequency bands.

Time Zone

Broadcast times are based on Universal Coordinated Time (UTC). If you select your time zone, the broadcast times will converted to your local time.


This option can limit results to what is currently being broadcast or all results can be returned for the selected database. This probably one of the most useful search features.


This is optional, but if you enter your location, the distance from known transmitter sites will be calculated using the great-circle formula. A location must be entered as decimal degrees only. Clicking the location services button will attempt fill in your approximate location using your browser or mobile device's location.

Units can be displayed in either miles or kilometers. It should be noted that the distance returned is the shortest distance between the two points, although it may be possible that a signal received, especially if it originates halfway around the world, could be coming from the opposite direction.

Latitude is in the range of +/- 90 degrees with positive (+) being in the northern hemisphere and negative (-) being in the southern hemisphere. Longitude is in the range of +/- 180 degrees with positive (+) being in the eastern hemisphere and negative (-) being in the western hemisphere. Double clicking your location within Google Maps can give you your location in decimal degrees.