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Shortwave Schedules

The premier source of international shortwave broadcast schedules. This site is intended for radio enthusiasts, DXers or anybody with a shortwave radio to help identify shortwave signals or to view general broadcast schedules.

Schedules can be based on:

Some unique features are that schedules can be filtered simultaneously by a variety of methods including language, country of origin, or frequency band. Results can be displayed in your local time zone if you choose. Results can also be limited to what is currently being broadcast at the time of the search. If a latitude/longitude in decimal degrees is provided, the distance from known transmitter sites will be calculated. Known transmitter sites can also be viewed in Google Maps. A full description of the various search capabilities can be found on the help page.

Enter a frequency in kHz or MHz in Quick Search located in the menu bar and all results within ± 2.5 kHz being broadcast at the time of the search will be returned. The Quick Search is limited to frequencies above 2300 kHz (2.300 MHz).

Please note that each database was modified from its original form in an attempt to maintain consistency. Assumptions had to be made so errors could have been introduced. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to check the original databases for logging purposes.

If there are any errors, bugs, or incorrect information, please let me know using the contact page. This site does not use cookies, beacons, trackers, analytics, or other such devices or services and does not contain any advertising.